Nebraska Trees Crossword Puzzle

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1 Wonderful, edible nuts.
3 Primary ingredient in Nutella.
5 Produces very long, thin seedpods.
8 Often contains "eye-like" impressions on its bark.
10 A deciduous conifer.
14 Balsam variety is a favorite for Christmas trees.
16 Common name includes type of conifer and the botanist who discovered it.
18 Produces large, dangling seed pods.
19 Produces acorns; incredible variety of species hardy in Nebraska.
20 The Nebraska state tree.
21 Spring-blooming tree with bracts that appear like flowers.
23 Nuts will stain fingers; extremely hard-shelled.
24 Large spring flowers are often lost to frost.
27 "Quaking" often included in common name.
29 Named for its airy flower clusters.
30 Once devastated by disease; new varieties selected for resistance.
31 Soft timber commonly used for furniture.
32 George Washington chopped it down but didn't lie.
33 A camouflaged giant among trees.
34 Lavender flowers precede foliage for dramatic display.
35 Also known as basswood.
1 Produces edible banana-like fruits.
2 Named for the large spring flowers similar to ones produced by bulbs.
4 Nebraska faces potential loss of many of this species.
6 Edible fruits make orange fall pudding.
7 Wood is soft and vulnerable to pests once cut; used for paper more than lumber.
9 Preferred wood for barbecues.
11 Uncommon small ornamental tree; names includes a number and a familial term.
12 Watch out for the thorns.
13 Dates to dinosaur age; fan-shaped leaves.
15 June-bearing tree native to Nebraska with tasty, highly nutritious fruits.
17 Refers to the color of the heartwood.
22 Durable tree with brown fruits, but susceptible to galls.
24 Beloved for fall color.
25 Metal included in name for dense, heavy wood.
26 Over an open fire.
28 Highly glossy seeds with a circular inset.

1 pecan
3 hazelnut
5 catalpa
8 birch
10 baldcypress
14 fir
16 douglasfir
18 kentuckycoffeetree
19 oak
20 cottonwood
21 dogwood
23 blackwalnut
24 magnolia
27 aspen
29 fringetree
30 elm
31 pine
32 cherry
33 sycamore
34 redbud
35 linden

1 pawpaw
2 tuliptree
4 ash
6 persimmon
7 spruce
9 hickory
11 sevensonflower
12 honeylocust
13 ginkgo
15 serviceberry
17 yellowwood
22 hackberry
24 maple
25 ironwood
26 chestnut
28 buckeye