ReTree Week and Fall Planting

Many people don't know that fall is a great time to plant trees in Nebraska. Fall's cooler temperatures and reduced humidity make it less stressful for newly planted trees to establish themselves before winter arrives. If you weren't able to celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting, now's your chance!

Join the celebration of fall tree planting by planting a tree in your community or your home landscape during ReTree Nebraska Week which is always the last full week of September.

Participate during ReTree Week or Fall Planting

Last fall's success was due to the more than 75 events and campaigns in 50 communities that were organized by tree advocates. ReTree would like to call upon you to participate or to get involved as a key community organizer or help educate the public about trees.

Why participate? By participating, your efforts help build support for community tree efforts; provide an additional opportunity to educate your community on proper tree planting and care; and can recruit community members to become volunteers for current and future events. Your event is also contributing to the collective effort to promote the importance of community trees to Nebraskans across the state! 

Ways to participate:

• Organize a tree planting or demonstration;
• Organize a tree care day;
• Lead a tree walking tour;
• Provide a tree-related interview to the local media:
• Post informational fliers in public places;
• Organize an educational campaign on a tree-related topic pertaining to your community (e.g. improper tree mulching).
• These are just a few ideas to get you started!

How to build success:

  • Build a partnership with a service group, local business or school to ensure community participation.
  • Approach and educate local media (print, t.v. and radio) on current tree-related topics which will bring more attention to your tree-mendous efforts.
  • Try incorporating outreach into an existing community event by providing education to attendees or start a commemoration planting.

  • Plan accordingly to participate based on resources available to you

Free Trees for Fall Planting Mini Grant

Deadline: First-Come First-Served. Western NE (Panhandle) grant recipients are encouraged to have trees planted by October 15, 2017. Trees should be planted before Nov. 15, 2017.

The purpose of the Free Trees for Fall Planting mini grant, supported by the Nebraska Environmental Trust and US Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration Grants, is to help enable the planting of trees during the fall of 2017 in conjunction with ReTree Nebraska Week and other fall planting events. ReTree Nebraska week is September 24-30, 2017 but trees can be planted between September 1st and November 15, 2016. The recipient's event will be considered a ReTree Nebraska event.

The Free Trees for Fall Planting has several goals:
• Celebrate trees and promote the value of healthy trees for a healthy community.
• Plant at least 300 high-quality trees in Nebraska communities in conjunction with a tree-related educational event or community celebration to promote fall planting.
• Award tree advocates by giving priority to ReTree Nebraska ambassadors, Tree City USA tree boards, Tree Campus USA schools, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum curators, individuals volunteering/supporting community forestry programs and Project Learning Tree facilitators.
• Assist volunteers and non-profit partners such as business improvement districts, neighborhood associations, government agencies, and other public or private entities with tree planting in public spaces and areas of civic importance.
• Promote the healthy establishment and ongoing care of newly-planted trees.
• Diversify the community forest by promoting a broader diversity of native and well-adapted non-native tree species recommended by ReTree Nebraska. A special emphasis will be placed on the planting of ReTree Nebraska's 16 for 2016 underutilized trees species.
• Provide educational opportunities for people to learn more about trees and their proper selection, planting and care.
• Community grant applicants can apply for an additional 1-10 trees for planting on school property. To apply for an additional 1-10 trees for planting on school property, complete a second form and submit an additional application online. You can use the same grant coordinator.

download the application