Become a Tree Advocate

Communities, businesses, organizations, clubs and individuals across the state are encouraged to join the ReTree Nebraska effort. There are many ways to get involved:

  • Plant a tree or trees in your landscape this year and every year.
  • Work with local government agencies, businesses, civic groups, schools and churches to plant trees in your community.
  • Learn about proper tree planting and care to ensure the tree or trees you plant will be around for future generations.
  • Spread the word about ReTree Nebraska to your friends, relatives and neighbors.
  • Celebrate holidays, birthdays and other special events and honor individuals through tree planting.
  • Become carbon neutral! Plant trees strategically to provide shade and protection, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions created by natural gas and electric heating and cooling systems.
  • And more!
What are ReTree ambassadors and supporters?

ReTree Nebraska is a grassroots effort of people across Nebraska working hard in their own communities and neighborhoods to plant trees and improve their community’s tree resources. ReTree Nebraska is tapping into that very valuable resource by utilizing volunteers to serve as local ReTree ambassadors and/or ReTree supporters. 

ReTree ambassadors are be actively engaged in coordinating tree planting, care and educational activities at the local level and are the cornerstones of this grassroots effort. ReTree supporters are less involved than ambassadors but support local tree activities through donations of time, resources and/or money to local tree planting efforts.
Role of ReTree ambassadors:

ReTree ambassadors serve as enthusiastic cheerleaders for trees and tree-related activities and are visible sources of timely and reliable information about trees, tree care and ReTree Nebraska. Ambassadors also assemble a cadre of local members and resources to assist in ReTree efforts. The challenge to ambassadors is to marshall the resources of their communities in their unique way to improve their community’s tree resources. More than 200 ambassadors are already located in 82 communities statewide. (See map below)

Role of ReTree supporters:

An official ReTree Nebraska supporter is anyone who agrees to support ReTree Nebraska by promoting proper tree planting and care in their community and spreading the word about ReTree Nebraska. While ReTree supporters do not have the same responsibilities as ambassadors, they work closely with local ambassadors to help implement local ReTree projects, secure resources for local tree planting and care and promote awareness of the value of trees and tree planting.

Who can be a ReTree ambassador or supporter?

Anyone who is committed improving their local tree resources can become a ReTree Nebraska ambassador or ReTree supporter by submitting a completed registration form. Click here for a printable information sheet about becoming a ReTree Nebraska ambassador or a ReTree Nebraska supporter.