Report a Tree

What trees can be reported?

Trees which can be counted toward ReTree Nebraska's 1 million tree goal are trees planted from April 2007 through April 2017 including:

  • Tree planted within city limits, on public or private land;

  • Tree planted for the protection or beautification of houses on acreages and farmstead houses;

  • Trees planted for the protection or beautification of rural community buildings such as schools or churches; or

  • Transplanted wild or seedling trees can be counted if planted in the locations described above

How do I report trees?
To report trees, fill out a tree reporting form.

NOTE: Tree City USA communities and Tree Campus schools: trees planted and reported for Tree City USA will be collected at the end of the year in the TCUSA re-certification application. Please do not report these trees again.

Nurseries and landscaping businesses can also report trees they have sold to and planted for customers. Please email for more details.
I reported my trees, now what?
Please help spread the word about reporting trees and ReTree Nebraska to your family, friends and co-workers by emailing the tree reporting form or telling them to visit the ReTree Nebraska website!