Who We Are

About ReTree Nebraska

ReTree Nebraska is a 10-year cooperative initiative to raise public awareness of the value of trees and reverse the decline and improve the sustainability of community trees and forests. The primary goal of ReTree Nebraska is to work in partnership with citizens to foster the proper planting and maintenance of 1 million new trees by 2017.

In communities, ReTree ambassadors serve as enthusiastic cheerleaders for trees and tree-related activities and are visible sources of timely and reliable information about trees, tree care and ReTree Nebraska. Ambassadors also assemble a cadre of local members and resources to assist in ReTree efforts. The challenge to ambassadors is to marshall the resources of their communities in their unique way to improve their community's tree resources. More than 240 ambassadors are already located in 82 communities statewide.

ReTree Nebraska Initiative Partners:

Nebraska Forest Service (NFS) 
NFS is enriching lives by protecting, restoring and utilizing Nebraska's tree and forest resources. Even if you live in
a town or city, you are surrounded by forests. Trees fill the parks and open spaces and work to make your environment a cleaner, healthier place to live. NFS provides and supports a viable and growing community forestry program in Nebraska. For more information, visit nfs.unl.edu.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, Inc. (NSA, Inc.) 
NSA, Inc. includes a remarkable network of arboreta, parks, historic properties and other public landscapes accessible and relevant to
citizens across Nebraska. For more information, visit arboretum.unl.edu.

Nebraska Community Forestry Council (NCFC) 
NCFC's mission is to promote sound stewardship of community forest resources through tree advocacy and educational programs. The council partners with NFS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, NSA, Inc., Nebraska's green industry, utilities and Nebraska communities, businesses and citizens. For more information, visit ncfc.unl.edu.

Univeristy of Nebraska- Lincoln Department of Agronomy and Horticulture  
The mission of the Department of Agronomy & Horticulture is to advance the knowledge, theory, and application of plant and soils sciences and landscape design to improve the quality of life for citizens of Nebraska and the world. For more information, visit horticulture.unl.edu.

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR)
 IANR serves Nebraska by providing internationally-recognized science and education to assure the state's competitiveness in a changing world. For more information, visit ianr.unl.edu.

Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET)
 NET was established in 1992 to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. It was created on the conviction that a prosperous future is dependent upon a sound natural environment and that Nebraskans could collectively achieve real progress on real environmental issues if seed money were provided. For more information, visit environmentaltrust.org.

Green Industry Supporters:

Nebraska Arborist Association (NAA)
 NAA exists to expand knowledge and encourage high ethical standards in the field of arboriculture; stimulate interest and cooperation in the planting and conservation of all shade and ornamental trees; and improve tree conservation by promoting excellence in arboricultural practice. For more information, visit nearborists.org.

Nebraska Nursery and Landscape Association (NNLA) 
NNLA's mission is to serve the green industry by educating and supporting members to successfully improve the quality of our environment. For more information, visit nnla.org.

Former Nebraska First Lady Sally Ganem:

First Lady Sally Ganem is ReTree Nebraska's honorary chair since the initiative's beginning in 2007.

 "Trees provide important benefits to Nebraska communities, some benefits of trees we can see, some we can't. All of them carry forward to benefit future generations of Nebraskans. Our investment today will pay dividends in the future." - First Lady Sally Ganem